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Home Visits

Mamadog have been providing Home Visits for customers, and we are proud to be pioneers in providing such services here in Malaysia, for our customers professionally.

Home Visits is specially created to cater to the "larger" breed furkids or even CATS that cannot come and stay with us due to the nature of our boarding.  Hence, in view of this, and at the request of some of our customers who have both small and large breed furkids...and CATS, we started home visitations.

Home visits are recommended for the larger breed furkids and those who would also like to experience the wonderful service of Mamadog, at the comfort of their home, while their mommy and daddy are away.  It is also recommended for those who would like to have their home taken care of (to a certain extent) during their extended holiday.

Our Home Visits service includes:​

1) feeding, playing and walking (unless specified) the furkids.

2) making sure water bowls are all filled up before we leave.

3) watering plants, and cleaning porch area (if required).

4) collecting in letters and newspapers (if available).

5) making sure lights are on for the evenings.

Home Visit Rates

1 Visit per Pet : RM65 per day

2 Visits per Pet : RM95 per day

Subsequent Pets

1 Visit per Pet : RM35 per day

2 Visits per Pet : RM50 per day

Holiday Surcharge: RM25 per day



Home Visits is more then just making sure your furkid(s) are fed, or there is enough water around, and taking care of your home.  It is actually a service that enables your furkid(s) to have healthy human interactions while you are away at the comfort of their home.  When you come back, you will come back to a happy and healthy furkid(s).  Something that you will not be able to achieve in a conventional boarding.

Here again, we are selective of the furkid(s) that we will Home Visits, to maintain our safety.  Therefore, we will required that you allow us to visit your home and furkid(s) prior to your departure so we may access his/her temperament.  Based on this visit, we reserve the right to deny Home Visits.



Here again, we would like to remind you that there is a limited number of location that we can visit at any one time.  Hence, please reserve ahead of time.  Weekends and holidays are booked at least 3 weeks in advance to avoid disappointment!

A NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT of RM65.00 is requested upon the confirmation of your reservation.  We reserve the right to cancel your reservation if payment is not promptly received within 2 days of reservation.

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